The records keep falling!

Following on from last post, I’d like to give some public recognition to my staff who have not only stood up under the tests of the Pandemic, they’ve continued to achieve record breaking results.

November’s results are again record breaking, showing that it’s not since August 2017 that so many new jobs have been found and that previous total greater only by 5.

The quality of the placements continue to set industry standards in terms of hours worked, money earned, with tremendous retention bringing excellent job satisfaction to hundreds of people with disability.

When the problems you face include a shortage of candidates because every person registered with us is working, forcing us to advertise for ‘anyone with a disability currently receiving Centrelink benefits and keen to work’ things must be going well!

NOVA presently have vacancies for a wide variety of roles across Sydney that include skilled, semi skilled and manual labour, full time and part time with NOVA’s support to keep your job coming with every vacancy filled.

In my 32 years with NOVA there has never been greater demand for our candidates and never such a wide variety of work on offer.

Don’t put up with unemployment – give us a call on 1-300-Ability today

Martin Wren