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Tired of the recruitment run around?

Hiring staff is time consuming and expensive. Getting it wrong results in lost productivity, poor staff morale and costs your business! NOVA Consultants understand the needs of employers and businesses.

Who are we?

NOVA Employment is a FREE of charge Government funded Disability Employment Service with years of experience and expertise.

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Corporate and Social Responsibility

You've probably heard about corporate and social responsibility - included in this talk is the suggestion that business, particularly larger businesses, have some measure of social responsibility within their local communities to employ people who have a disability.

Big business didn't get to be big by offering charity. Big business got big by making sensible decisions and employing people that made their organisations money. 'Dollar out - dollar in' is no good. Employers need a dollar out and two dollars in if they are to compete - that's common sense.

Working with NOVA Employment makes sound business sense. Our Consultants can show you how you can get employees that meet your needs allowing you to concentrate on your business while we do the hard work.

Good News!

Don't fuss about corporate responsibility. Make money, and give us a go at helping.

A sound business decision

More than 5000 businesses have made a decision to work with us and provide a job opportunity for a NOVA job seeker.

We have scores of testimonies from large and small employers. NOVA is a registered charity, but working with us is not an act of charity - its a sound business decision made by hundreds of employers every year.

We'd love the opportunity to discuss how we could develop a partnership with you that allows your business to enjoy the benefits that come from working together.

Discerning people don't worry about the dis in disAbility. They hire people that do the job.

Would you like to know more?

Contact your local NOVA office or phone 1300 ABILITY (1300 224 5489).

Finally, as a current or potential employer we would really appreciate your advice, comments or ideas. Please fill in our Compliments & Suggestions and you can rest assured that your comments will be handled in confidence and will help us develop our service to you and other employers.

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