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News Article: Raising support at golf day

April, 2021. Raising support at golf day



News Article: Beverley Park

February, 2021. Beverley Park to see extraordinary talents

News Article: Now in its 13th year

February, 2021. Focus on Ability Short Film Festival – now in its 13th year

News Article: Transition to Work Program

December, 2020. Transition to Work Program gives graduates the UPPER-HAND

News Article: Golfing tips from visiting

November, 2020. Golfing tips from visiting pros for Hawkesbury business reps

News Article: This is a rare

October, 2020. This is a rare BREED of business

News Article: Working again

October, 2020. Working again after 24 years unemployed

News Article: Bumper month for Springwood

July, 2020. Bumper month for Springwood NOVA Employment in June

News Article: Fiddler fine-tune staff

August, 2020. Fiddler fine-tune staff to preserve history during COVID-19 closure

News Article: High praise

June, 2020. High praise for Richmond Living cleaning crew in time of crisis

News Article: Diligence over fear

June, 2020. Diligence over fear: the core of success

News Article: FOA Extends Entry Deadline

June, 2020.

News Article: Introducing Katya Dorey

May, 2020. Introducing Katya Dorey

News Article: Australia's Largest Disability

March, 2020. Australia’s Largest Disability-Specific Film Festival, FOCUS ON ABILITY Holds U.S.A. Launch

News Article: Walgett's Cafe64

April, 2020. Walgett’s disability enterprise Cafe64 closes due to coronavirus impact

News Article: Focusing on ability

March, 2020.

News Article: NOVA has workers

February, 2020. NOVA has workers to get the job done

News Article: Finding Value

December, 2019

News Article: Diversity gains new peak

October, 2019. Diversity gains new peak

News Article: Inclusion on the rise

October, 2019. Inclusion on the rise in the Hills

News Article: Local businesses discover

September, 2019. Local businesses discover value in hiring staff with disability

News Article: Local stud owners

September, 2019. Local stud owners couldn’t ask for a better employee

News Article: 100 Jobs - Hawkesbury

August, 2019

News Article: 100 Jobs - Hills District

August, 2019

News Article: The Sydney employment service

July, 2019. The Sydney employment service helping people with disabilities find jobs

News Article: Aussie Film Festivale

May, 2019. Aussie Film Festival Focuses on Bullying of New York City Kids

News Article: Embrace diversity

June, 2019. Embrace diversity