Life Changers Required!

Received yesterday:

I was unemployed for 24 years because of my disability. I was looking for a job for the last 2 and half years. With the help of (NOVA Staff) I found suitable job and working in the law company for last one year. (NOVA Staff) supported me whenever I need them and thank you very much for all the help I got from your company.

It is life changing. Incredible work. Keep it up.

Working here you do come across many stories that demonstrate the ability of employment to radically change the prospects of people with disability.

Would you like to join us in our mission?

NOVA needs additional Managers, Employment Consultants and Job Coaches. The current Pandemic hasn’t slowed us down, rather it’s offered new opportunities and NOVA continues to thrive.

My staff are dedicated, well trained and resourced achievers. We only hire the best – why don’t you talk to us and see whether you have what it takes to succeed with the best.

There’s a box and links to make an application on this page (my left, your right)

Disability Employment Services are recognised by a system known as ‘Star Ratings’ – from 1-5 the ratings measure organisational results. NOVA holds 7 contracts and all are rated ‘5 Star’.