Just the best 3

One thing we all love is a winner which is why there’s a smile on my face it will be pretty hard to shift.

There’s a nightmare pandemic sweeping the world (carried off my mum), the economy has tanked in a never before seen disaster that’s left more than a million Aussies unemployed and the only news seems to be bad news.

What’s the reply from my team?

June: Best results for this year and, if we can get 1 more person into work before COB tomorrow, best results for 15 months!

My team respond best to a challenge. If you think you do too, you’re not easily beaten and, if you get a knock you can get back up – we need you!

NOVA is growing and needs resilient ‘can-do winners’ to join us – if you’re good enough, you’ll truly change lives (it’s the equivalent of batting for Australia).

There’s a “Working for NOVA” tab on this page – don’t miss out; we need you and at times like these surely you need to line up with winners?