Disability Royal Commission

Disability Royal Commission has produced a bible sized report that could be summed up in a sentence; People with Disability (PwD) are consistently denied human rights and routinely exploited for their labour.

The treatment of those of us with disability is a sad joke and the real sadness is the fact that we replay Royal Commission on Royal Commission and we talk about closing sheltered workshops and we talk about increasing access to employment in the public service and every other meaning less drivel and nothing changes while no one looks at the obvious.

Heard it all before and expect no change

What’s the solution?

Identify what works and copy it – slavishly!.

Pound for pound NOVA Employment out performs pretty much every other disability employment service in Australia (of course I can prove it) through the use of demonstrably effective systems that engage and support PwD to achieve their employment aspirations

There are a handful of other providers who can make similar claims.


1. Sort out the appalling NDIS involvement in employment services and support – the ABC should chase this one – money in vast sums is being drained from the program meant to help fund the NDIS. Look at the achievements of the NSW Transition program, ditch non-performers and copy the NSW program that transformed lives.

2. Don’t reward on speed of service, reward on longevity of work found, hours worked and wages earned.

3. Close all sheltered workshops by EOFY (2024 / 2025). Free their captives. If we don’t bite the bullet now we never will. Those folk unable to work in open employment should be found alternative Day Programs without any pressure on outcomes – review annually.

4. Actually carry out Royal Commission recommendations.

Tragedy or travesty – you decide Here’s the link:


I’m happy to talk on any out the suggestions made here