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Job Club

NOVA Job Club is an eight-week preparation for work program. It's run on an in-house basis at NOVA Offices for both registered and non-registered NOVA job seekers, and at participating High Schools.

NOVA Job Club covers practical, physical and emotional preparation for the world of work. For example, participants learn in a friendly and supportive small group environment about such subjects as: what to say and wear at interviews; how to develop a resume; appropriate social skills for employment; and much more.

Methods of delivery include group work, role-plays, excursions, workbook activities, and various other learning methods which cater to a range of learning styles.

Our new NOVA Job Club´┐Ż consists of the following modules:
  • Module 1 - Your Job Club Choice

  • Module 2 - Planning and Reaching Your Goals

  • Module 3 - Your Resume

  • Module 4 - Job Seeking

  • Module 5 - Overcoming Barriers and Building Self-esteem

  • Module 6 - Personal Presentation

  • Module 7 - Job Interviews

  • Module 8 - Starting Your New Job

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